Here are some common questions and answers people have about selling their property.

How much is it going to cost me to sell my property?

There are a few costs involved in selling your property:

Estate agent commission – The commission fees are payable once your estate agent sells your property and the contracts have been signed. The charge is a percentage of the sale price and VAT. Your estate agent will make you aware of fees you’ll incur in your preliminary meeting.

Energy Performance Certificate – You must have commissioned an EPC before your property can go on the market. We can organise your EPC – Energy Performance Certificate, just get in touch with your local branch to sort this out or call us on 01304 626 444.

Conveyancing fees – the legal fees are dependent on your solicitor.

What and where are my Title Deeds?

Your Title Deeds are the proof that you own your property. They are usually held by your bank or building society if you have a mortgage and your solicitor will obtain the deeds and make a copy for the buyer’s solicitor.

Who will conduct the viewings on my property once it’s on the market and when will they occur?

We will offer to accompany all viewings during our opening hours. Our opening hours aim to meet the requirements of all our clients, we are open seven days a week for viewings.

Do I need to be present for all the viewings?

So long as you have granted us access to your property your presence is not required. We accompany all viewings and it is worth knowing that potential buyers usually feel more relaxed if the owner is not present.

Do I have to pay Stamp Duty?

The buyer is responsible for paying the Stamp Duty.

When I accept an offer will my property still be viewed?

Your property will only continue to be viewed depending on the offer and your preferences.

Will I have to pay Capital Gains tax on my property?

If the property is your main home, you will not have to pay Capital Gains Tax so long as you satisfy certain requirements. If you are selling a property that is not your main home it is more than likely that Capital Gains Tax will incur.

Will I need to redecorate my property before it goes on the market?

There is no requirement to redecorate your property before it goes on the market, but if there are some areas looking really rundown you may well benefit from giving them a retouch of paint or a tidy up. See our seller's guide for more information on presenting your property.