Birchington-on-Sea – A seaside resort perfect for relaxation

The waterfront at Birchington boasts some picturesque views. A quiet town that is ideal for those who are looking to relax. There is a good mix of cafés, restaurants and independent stores. If you’re interested in living in Birchington, come into our Birchington office and we can help find a property to suit you.

A brief history of Birchington-on-Sea

Birchington is a seaside resort well-known for attracting tourists and an ideal retirement destination. Minnis Bay, the main beach, is family orientated and often a great spot for watersports such as sailing and windsurfing.

First recordings of Birchington date back to 1240 where it was formally known as Birchenton. The current population of the town is believed to be around 10,000.

Travel from Birchington-on-Sea

Travel to and from Birchington is easy. The high speed rail link to London St. Pancras connects Birchington to the capital in just over an hour and 35 minutes. Alternatively, National Express Coaches offer a good service in and out of the town.

Getting around the local area couldn’t be more simple, with buses connecting Birchington to all the surrounding towns and well sign-posted roads make driving easily negotiable.