Enhance your House Sale with an i-PACK

Are you planning to sell your house? An i-PACK, short for information property pack, is a game-changer for sellers as they provide potential buyers with comprehensive details about a property upfront. The comprehensive compilation of essential information and documents makes the selling process smoother and more efficient.

Unlock the Power of i-PACKS

i-PACKS are your secret weapon when it comes to selling your house. These invaluable information packs consolidate all the necessary details and documents about your property in one place. This is then shared with interested buyers through your property's own dedicated mini website, providing transparent information about your home upfront. By doing this, you not only speed the process of selling up, but you’ll boost the marketability of your property. 

How can an i-PACK give a seller a competitive edge when selling?

An i-PACK encompasses a wealth of information specifically tailored to your property. It includes crucial documents like the official land registry title plan, warranties, guarantees, energy performance certificates, a floor plan, plus freehold and leasehold information, and detailed information on the local area including schools, transport links and healthcare providers. By proactively compiling and presenting all of this information upfront, you create a strong foundation for potential buyers, instilling confidence in your property and helping to expedite the sale process.

What are the advantages of an i-PACK?

As a seller, when you utilise an i-PACK it provides a host of benefits. First and foremost, they save you precious time by collating all the necessary information in advance. This will make the discovery phase with a conveyancer faster and an i-PACK helps to decrease the possibility of a sale falling through. They promote transparency, enabling potential buyers to make informed decisions quickly and as the seller you are well-prepared to navigate negotiations confidently, minimising delays. Moreover, an i-PACK can help reduce the length of time to reach a completion date by several weeks. 
Obtaining an i-PACK is a straightforward process. They are available to all Miles & Barr sellers. We assist our sellers with compiling the necessary documents and information required to create a dedicated online i-PACK landing page about your property. We will share this valuable resource with potential buyers, giving them a clear understanding of your property’s merits.
i-PACKS are an indispensable tool that help to simplify the sale process and maximise your chances of a successful sale. An i-PACK will give your property sale a competitive advantage. Embrace the power of i-PACKS and embark on your house-selling journey with confidence. Find out more about i-PACKS when you book a free expert valuation with your local Miles & Barr office.  Contact your closest Miles & Barr office here.

View an example i-PACK here