Miles & Barr Lettings offer a variety of tenant find and managed services. A majority of landlords choose our fully managed GOLD services which provides the additional peace of mind when letting your home. This is an all inclusive service which includes complete protection against the risk of the tenant not paying or potentially high legal and court costs when obtaining possession of your property.

Tenants Prefer Properties That Are Managed

It’s a fact that tenants prefer managed property, with more and more tenants requesting if a property is managed before they rent as it provides additional peace of mind with the tenant that a regulated and qualified agent will provide a more professional service, making sure the property is compliant with all the safety regulations as well as removing the emotion from both sides in the landlord/tenant relationship.

Our ARLA qualified team are trained and experienced in ensuring prompt rent collection and credit control as well maintaining proactive relationships with tenants during their tenancy.

Maintenance is a major part of your relationship with the tenant, both reactive and proactive works will be required during the tenancy.

We are one of the very few agents that provide a 24/7 maintenance service, where when a property is managed, the tenant will have access to our maintenance helpline to deal with any issues that may occur.

Peace Of Mind For Landlords

Managing a property can be extremely time consuming and full of pitfalls if you are not fully conversant with all your responsibilities. Being a Landlord demands that you respect all aspects of your legal responsibility which is where it is vital that when choosing an agent, they are qualified in managing your home.

Membership of an approved scheme is just the starting point, regulated and qualified staff with all the required insurance cover is key to make sure you receive a trustworthy and efficient service.

Our comprehensive property manage service has been created to provide you the peace of mind and allow you to have the confidence that your property is being managed by a responsible agent that deals with over 2,000 landlords on an annual basis.

An indication of some of our property management services are listed below. We aim to tailor your needs to the services available and we recommend one of our trained lettings and property management specialists discussing your requirements in more detail.


We undertake a valuation and estimate the potential rental value in the current market condition. We agree any terms required for the property to be let.


We market the property within our of ces, on the Miles & Barr and other websites and in local newspapers.
If required we will erect a To Let board. We match your property to any suitable applicant that we may have. All of the viewings are accompanied.


We conduct thorough referencing of any potential applicants and obtain credit checks, employer and landlord references, together with proof of current address, proof of identity, confirmation of their right to reside in the UK, and bank statements. We can ask for a guarantor, who would be referenced in the same way.

Rental Guarantee

We can provide rental insurance on the property ensuring that you will receive unpaid rents and will have legal cover in the event that it is required.

Gas & Electrical

We can arrange for a Landlords Gas Safety Certi cate and EPC to be undertaken on your behalf. We can organise a PAT test of any electrical items in the property.

Furnishings & Fire Safety

We can help you identify items of furniture which must be removed from the property in order to comply with safety regulations.


We arrange for an Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property, and its contents to be prepared.

Tenancy Agreement

We prepare the initial Tenancy Agreement between both parties. We sign the Tenancy Agreement on your behalf.


We manage the transfer of the gas, electric, water and Council Tax.


We collect a deposit from the Tenant before the tenancy commences. We will hold the deposit in a registered scheme.

Property Visits

We undertake a minimum of two property visits in any one year.


We provide the tenant with a maintenance telephone number which they call with any issue. There is an out of hours emergency telephone line.

Rental Payments

We collect the rent on your behalf. Any unpaid rent will be pursued.

Tenancy Matters

We manage all day to day contact with your tenant.

Tenancy Renewal Negotiations

We manage tenancy renewal negotiations including rent increases.

Renewal Tenancy Agreement

We will draft the renewal Agreement and arrange for the Tenants to sign these (no cost for the tenancy to continue on a periodic basis).

Check Out

We arrange to check the Inventory at the end of the tenancy and report to you on any works that may be required. We then discuss any deductions that need to be made from the deposit.

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