24 Sep 2019

Five tips for autumn viewings

Autumn is here. We are seeing all the usual signs of the seasonal changes as the days shorten. We have put together some handy tips to consider as you prepare your home for viewings this autumn.

Daytime availability

While it is not essential, daytime availability for viewings can be a huge help. It is easier to see the full picture of what your home offers in full daylight. 

You won’t need reminding that the evenings can draw in as early as 4pm through October and November, especially under cloud cover. So, see if you can be as available as possible, including weekends!  

Take-on the elements

The crisp feel of autumn has plenty of enjoyable aspects, but it also comes with the dreaded fallen leaves and wetter days which bring more mess than summer. 

A few simple steps like clearing your front garden and gutters will help to keep things as clean as possible. You don’t want rainwater overflowing from a blocked drainpipe to be the first image a potential buyer sees from your home.

Welcome & homely 

If it has been a particularly colder or drab day, it is even more essential to ensure your home is welcoming, first impressions are key. 

Reduce darkness but don’t be overpowering with light, add a pleasant scent and remember that your potential buyer is trying to imagine themselves ‘coming home’ – so make it feel as such.

Be seasonal             

Some simple changes to keep your property on-trend with the season are worth a thought.

As we get further into autumn and the temperature starts to drop further, the glow and warmth of a fireplace or log burner will be atmopsheric.

This applies for getting the temperature right too, obviously not every house will have a fireplace, but you'll have taken the edge off the chill with your central heating.

Leave summer behind...

If you’ve been enjoying your outside spaces in the summer with barbecues, a padding pool and/or toys for the children then have a tidy up and where possible store things away. 

The same simple rules apply

It is important to remember some of the simplest rules for any viewing. Declutter and clean, minimalise odours from food and pets, and showcase the size of your home by not closing rooms in.

You want to get the pricing of your property right and appear ready to your potential buyers too. When selling at this time of year it’s important to remember some buyers will want to have moved in by Christmas.