23 Sep 2019

Welcome Autumn into your home

Autumn is upon us after the long, warm summer months and as we change season there are many ways to welcome the fall into your home.

Change your theme

As the warm, airy feel of summer fades the cooler weather is setting in, but there is plenty to look forward to. Autumnal themes are filled with colour, so why not match that to a new throw for your sofa or bedroom?

Small, detailed changes can completely transform how you see a room, new cushions or a bedspread are a great way of bringing a different feel to your favourite spaces.

Alternatively, if you struggle with the ominous darker weather then bright and bold colours can be a welcoming sight as you settle down for a chilled evening.

Autumn clean

While we are forever doing what we can to keep our homes in check, a thorough seasonal clean will be worth your time as we move into autumn… cleaning isn’t just for spring! If you are changing themes or treating yourself to some new furnishings for the autumn, you will want to introduce them to a clean space too.

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It won’t do any harm to have a quick check through your food storage cupboards and fridge too. Remember, a good way of reducing waste is shopping for what you need and not overstocking.

Add light

As we've already said, the loss of light can be a particular struggle for some. With that in mind it’s a good idea to have a think about both internal and external lighting. 

Feature lamp by Visual Roars Interiors

A feature lamp can be a great method of changing the atmosphere of a room while obviously keeping the darkness outside.

External lighting will automatically make your home feel more welcoming if you're leaving and returning in the dark, while also having added security benefits. 

The atmosphere doesn’t just have to be from a lamp. Depending on your preferred style you can look to add in ambiance with the natural glow of candles too and there are many autumnal scents to choose from.

Set your schedules

If you have smart devices in your home setup it’s worth getting them ready for the autumn/winter schedule. You may want to take the edge off the morning chill and be more comfortable at the right temperature. The same goes for your hot water. Although used throughout the year, you may decide to adjust your schedule.

Clear your pathways and mow the lawn

Ironically, our final recommendation is a way to prevent autumn coming into your in home… by keeping your pathways and garden clear of leaves you are less likely to feel the impact of the messier aspects of the changing season.

As your lawn growth slows for the autumn it is a good idea to trim it back to help keep your garden as tidy as possible.

While the dreaded leaf clear-up can seem an ongoing battle until winter sets in, there are some benefits to keep in mind as you tidy.

Mowing over leaves allows the broken-down mulch to set on your lawn, which will act as a good insulator and natural fertiliser. If you have a dry storage space/composter, bagging up and storing leaves to break down for later use is another handy idea.