09 Sep 2019

Seven ways to maximise space in a small house

You might not have as much space as you would like in your home but there are simple ways of maximising the potential of any room.  

1. Reconsider your layout 

It will be worth making note of what currently works well and what you feel needs to be improved about the lifestyle your home provides for you and your family. This should help you to prioritise what changes you need to make, while we always like the idea of changing furniture for something new, it might not be the best use of the funds you have available. 

Reconsidering the layout is especially key if you are thinking about extending or having structural reconfigurations to your home. Your lifestyle will have an impact on the decisions you make, you may come to realise you are not putting the space to best use in a room. 

2. Plan new storage spaces 

There may be small areas in each room of your home that could easily be transformed into the storage space you are crying out for. Again, planning is key, and you may find that some bespoke, creative shelving is a better option in areas like alcoves than filling them with more furniture. 

3. Create illusions 

There are several decorative techniques to make spaces in your home feel bigger than they are. You may have a specific style in mind so it’s all about making it work and not overloading compact spaces. 

A handful of tips:

  • Mirrors are a great way of opening a closed in space, while also helping to reflect natural light 
  • Limit wallpaper patterns and opt for a feature wall, overloading can close space in
  • Choose the right shade of paint: dark colours absorb light, bright colours reflect 
  • Half-height décor on walls can create the illusion of a higher ceiling
  • The right flooring, just like the right shade of paint, can help to create a more spacious look

4. Address wasted space

If you are limited for space the last thing you want to do is waste what you have. Under stair storage and airing cupboards are worth a rethink.   

Under stairs seating idea via: decoratio

If you have a boxed in staircase work out how wisely the space is being used by what you have stored under there. 

It’s easy to pile things in and think ‘out of sight, out of mind’ but you may become a mini-hoarder before you know it!

For open under stair space it may be worth considering adding in a focal point such as a reading/study area, ottoman storage or perhaps a compact sofa.

You will want to make this look good too, so it doesn’t just become another area of the home that you are turning into pile-up zone.

Similarly to boxed in stairs, airing cupboards are easy to pile in and overstore. Transforming an airing cupboard into easy-stacked shelving will both add storage and help to keep it tidy, designate shelves for separate uses and stick to your plan. 

5. Consider functional furniture 

Functional furniture is a great way of maximising the space you have. Many will already have considered the obvious recommendations of storage in beds, containers in or on top of wardrobes but there are other options you may not have immediately thought of. Slim-fitted furniture has more benefits than just adding to the space you have, it can help you to be more ruthless in your storage approach. 

The bathroom is a great place to start, simple cabinets can help with decluttering cosmetic and daily toiletries, while reducing the strain on an airing cupboard to store things like spare towels. 

6. Extension options 

Dependent on your financial position, an extension may be an option worth considering over moving home, especially if you love where you live.

With approval on the relevant permissions an up or outward extension provides plenty of options from additional bedrooms, bathrooms or simply just increasing the size of your current set up.

7. Seek advice

It is always a good idea to seek advice for however you look to improve the space your home provides, and it goes without saying that this will be the case for structural changes.

Even sounding out your ideas with family and friends for decorative updates may give you a different perspective you hadn’t thought about or to give you the confidence you are doing the right thing.