14 Mar 2022


1. Clean windows

Clean windows add to the attractiveness of your property’s exterior, so grab a bucket of hot water and a sponge. Not only will sparkling windows enhance a home’s curb appeal, but buyers will also be able to admire your garden and its views.

2. Tidy your outdoor space

Outdoor space is a key criterion for many buyers and there are lots of simple ways that you can make it look its best for not only viewings but also your property’s marketing photographs.

  • Plant flowers: Head on down to your local garden centre and buy some seasonal bulbs or bedding plants to bring spring and summer colour to your outdoor space.
  • Pressure wash your decking and patio: Re-fresh your decking, driveway and patio by giving them a pressure wash and a deep clean.
  • Patio furniture: If your patio furniture has been left out over winter now is the time to give it a clean or if it has been stored in the garden shed it's time to get it out. Set the picture for how buyers can spend a warm summer evening in your garden or on your balcony.


When selling your home, a good garden picture can make all the difference.

3. Hang a hanging basket

Hanging baskets add a pop of colour. Spring means warmer weather is on the way, which makes it the ideal time to either buy or re-plant your hanging baskets. Create an eye-catching appearance for potential buyers.

4. Fix your fence

If your fence was damaged by the winter weather, now is the time to fix the broken or fallen fence panel before your home goes on the market.

5. Mow the lawn

Grass hibernates in winter but as the warmer weather creeps in your grass will wake up and start growing once again. Keep your grass short to make your outdoor spaces enticing.

6. Deep clean your floors

The winter months can also bring rain and dirt into your home, so spring is the ideal time to give your carpets and floors a deep clean. If you have wooden floors and they haven’t been varnished or resealed in recent years spring is also a good time to restore them.

7. Let the light in

With the start of spring, the clocks also spring forward which means the amount of daylight that will flood your home will increase. Whether you have blinds or curtains, or both, give them a dust and a gentle clean and leave them open to let as much light into your rooms as possible.

8. Kitchens and Bathrooms

Buyers’ decisions can be made on these two rooms as they are the most expansive rooms to upgrade. Now is the time to declutter surfaces, put toiletries and items that could be put in cabinets away, and give them a deep clean from grout to oven.

9. Declutter storage spaces

When having professional imagery of your property taken, it is key to keep your rooms clear to show their true dimensions. Now is the time to declutter your storage spaces from garage to shed, loft and cupboards, for any unwanted goods and put them to use by donating to charity, selling them at a car boot sale, or , if beyond the purpose of reuse, make a tip run. A clear space is more inviting for a buyer to view.

10. Get your home 'Market Ready'

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