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*** £20,000 Incentive ***


*Terms & Conditions Apply

  1. Asking price offers from proceedable buyers only.

  2. It applies to all reservations received before 1st January 2024.

  3. The below incentive options are available of a value of up to £20,000 of the sale agreed price;

  • Stamp duty

  • Furniture costs

  • Cash back on completion

  • Legal fees

  • Mortgage deposit top up;  

    • Lender’s criteria to meet the requirements will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

These contemporary modern homes are located on Suffolk Avenue in the sought after village of Westgate-On-Sea; they are net zero carbon ready and optimised for a decarbonised grid. They feature significantly more insulation than standard homes, and also benefit from photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof to catch the sun's energy.

The homes are constructed using the most modern methods of construction and a super insulated timber frame construction, which also benefits from low embodied carbon emissions.

Each home includes a 10 year Build Zone warranty, features cycle storage, off street parking and an electric car charging point, for zero carbon transport too!

Reducing emissions, to significantly lower utility bills, to a healthier and more comfortable home environment; view our show home and reserve today.


An eco home refers to an environmentally low-impact property that has been built using responsibly sourced materials, with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint and lowering its energy needs. These properties are also capable of generating a lot of their own energy through natural means, so clean, renewable energy sources such as solar panels, solar batteries and air/ground source heat pumps are often integrated into the bricks and mortar of these homes. Insulation is another key focus in the construction of eco homes, as good quality insulation can massively improve the thermal efficiency of a property, allowing it to remain hotter or colder as required with little to no reliance on traditional temperature control systems powered by fossil fuels. Many eco homes also come with in-built electric car charging ports.

Do eco homes have lower energy costs?

New build co homes meet the governments ‘net zero target’ requirements. A net zero carbon home will have low operational energy needs. This will mean a reduction in energy consumption that is around 70% lower than typical, pre-existing buildings. Such a reduction can only be achieved by meticulous design during the building phase, with a focus on efficient passive features such as double or even triple-glazing, high quality insulation, and cutting-edge technologies that will aim to replace traditional, fossil fuelled systems.

How do sustainable homes benefit the climate?

The climate crisis commonly makes headline news thanks to the extreme climate events that are now happening regularly around the globe. Buildings are a significant culprit of high carbon emissions, as most buildings are not built with the environment in mind, relying solely on gas and oil for power. This results in buildings being accountable for 35% of all the worlds energy consumption! Eco homes are significantly more efficient than standard homes due to their ability to generate their own power, being ready for battery storage, and being fully electric - thus benefitting from the National Grid’s move towards net zero carbon.

Benefits of eco homes for homeowners

Eco homes benefit homeowners in a multitude of ways. Given the rising costs of energy prices in recent years, the more obvious money-saving benefits of super-efficient, self-powered eco homes are becoming all the more apparent. High quality insulation, solar panels, heat pumps, in-built electric car charging points, and underfloor heating all help homeowners to save money energy bills. Eco homes are also built using the most modern methods of construction, with building materials selected for low environmental impact. These materials often tend to be more durable and require less upkeep over time, which leads to the potential of retaining a high market value over time.

What are the benefits of an A-rated EPC property?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a rating on property than serves to provide information on the property's energy efficiency and its environmental footprint. It is assessed on a scale from A to G, with A representing the highest possible rating, and G representing the lowest, in accordance with EPC regulations.

Purchasing a home with an A EPC rating provides several financial incentives. For example:

· Cheaper mortgage

Lenders may provide increased flexibility in assessing your affordability, as they will anticipate lower energy expenses. Additionally, reduced energy costs can contribute to financial advantages. It is always worth checking this with an experienced broker before making any final decisions though, so if you are considering buying an eco home, have a chat with one of Finamply’s expert advisers.

· Reduced monthly bills

As previously covered, low energy consumption and self-generating energy amounts to minimal energy costs for homeowners.

· Retention of high market value

An A EPC rating will likely improve the capital value of a property when it comes to selling.

· Higher rental yield

If you are considering an eco home as an investment, the high EPC rating might result in a higher rental yield due to the lower energy bills.

· Increased property lifespan
A property that boasts excellent insulation with no roof or wall leaks, coupled with an effective ventilation system, will have fewer issues relating to condensation and damp areas.


The specification maybe subject to some change as necessary and without notice. Any photographs or computer-generated images may not represent the actual fittings and furnishings of the development.

The specification is not intended to form part of any contract or warrant unless specifically incorporated in writing into the contract.

The developer retains the right to adjust and vary specifications.

Identification Checks

Should a purchaser(s) have an offer accepted on a property marketed by Miles & Barr, they will need to undertake an identification check. This is done to meet our obligation under Anti Money Laundering Regulations (AML) and is a legal requirement. | We use a specialist third party service to verify your identity provided by Lifetime Legal. The cost of these checks is £60 inc. VAT per purchase, which is paid in advance, directly to Lifetime Legal, when an offer is agreed and prior to a sales memorandum being issued. This charge is non-refundable under any circumstances.


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