Mortgage Advice

Popularity for longer-term mortgage products surges

New data from Paragon has shown that mortgages of 5 years or more are now the product of choice for 48% of applicants - over taking 2 year deals for the first time. According to the analysis, this equates to an increase of 7% on Q3 2017 and 15% on t...continue reading

Remortgage approvals at highest levels since 2008

New data and analysis conducted by the Bank of England has revealed that the rise in November's mortgage approvals was driven by a continuing increase in remortgaging approvals. According to the report, remortgages have now reached a level not seen s...continue reading

UK Finance: Gross mortgage lending up 9% in June

UK Finance has estimated that gross mortgage lending reached £22.1bn in June, 9 per cent above the total for May. The trade body, which encompasses the former Council of Mortgage Lenders, says that the June 2017 total is 3 per cent higher than...continue reading

17% switch from downsizing to equity release

Research from Bower Retirement has found that 17% of would-be downsizers decided instead to release property wealth through equity release. Bower’s specialist advisers claim their clients have tried downsizing before switching to lifetime mort...continue reading

Hundreds of thousands to pay off mortgages with pension cash

Around 320,000 homeowners aged 51-65 are planning to use money from their pensions to pay off their mortgages, according to new research from retirement income provider Just Group. Just adds that 23 per cent of the homeowners aged 51-65, or nearly a...continue reading

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