Reduce the risk of legal action! – Eviction

The eviction process is long and drawn out. If it managed it can take months to complete, so it’s best to try and prevent an eviction ever being required in the first place. But how?

To take legal action there are various steps that need to be completed. The most important is communication. Have you done everything in your power to resolve the issue that has resulted in the need to tackle further action?

Letting and managing a property demands a knowledge of your responsibilities and taking legal action can be costly. Have you served notice? Has it been served correctly? If not, it may not be invalid and could be costly in not only money but time.

MB Free Val

We are urging our clients to consider our guaranteed management service. While you may think that it is yet another cost, the service covers your loss of rent until the property is vacant. A simple notice and then the need to go to court can take five to six months and as well as the loss of rent, the legal costs can build up.

All out managed clients not only benefit from our experienced and qualified letting specialists but many take advantage of our full legal and rent protection which could save £1,000's and costs from as little as 50p per day. Contact your local office for more advice:



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