Folkestone and Margate rated two of the coolest places to live in Britain by The Times

Folkestone and Margate have been named as two of the coolest places to live in Britain by The Times.

The rankings placed Margate third and Folkestone in eighth place, both with recommendations of why they're so highly regarded.

For Margate the write up spoke about the revamped Dreamland, including its one-day music festival coming later this year, along with the attraction of the Turner Contemporary gallery, which have transformed the town into a holiday destination.

Harbour Arm Folkestone

Folkestone's redeveloped Harbour Arm was a key factor in its high ranking. The Times highlighted that not only does the arm boast incredible views of France, but it has a champagne bar, gelateria, a bakery, a brewery in a shipping container and plenty of pop up places to eat. 

Tourism and the desire to live in both of the East Kent towns is continually on the rise. Use our property search to view what we have on offer in Folkestone and Margate here.


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