UK apartment price rises outpacing other property types

New data from Halifax has shown that the average cost of an apartment in the UK has risen by £1,251 per month over the past five years, increasing in value by £75,074 over the period. The data revealed that although apartments make up ju...continue reading

Are you failing to utilise £34,000 worth of space in your home?

New data from TalkTalk has revealed that despite 43% of us wanting to move to a bigger home, 15% of the average British home is unused – a staggering £34,000 worth of wasted space. The research found that connectivity is a key factor for...continue reading

What has happened to house prices since we won the World Cup in 1966?

Well it won't come as much surprise but they've gone up. A lot. UK house prices are 106 times higher than they were when England won the World Cup in 1966 – growing three times faster than wages. According to research from online mortgage...continue reading

Boost in demand for five-year fixed rate mortgages

Data from LMS, has found that demand for five-year fixed rate remortgages has bounced back to hit 47% of the total remortgage market in April – the highest proportion in six months.  According to LMS, April’s resurgence is a signifi...continue reading

Deal – What’s attracting people to the glamorous coastal and award winning town?

If you are thinking of investing in Deal, whether as a homebuyer or investor there is plenty of reasons why it is a great place to live. The popular high street, seafront, culture and social buzz about the town are some of the reasons why people want...continue reading

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