People tend to protect themselves with either a lump sum payout, a monthly income or quite a popular choice is a combination of both. Below are some of the options available.

Income Protection

Essential repayments are covered by income protection if you are off work through sickness or an accident.

This protection ensures you are not reliant on state benefits if you are unable to work for any length of time. State benefits are not likely to cover your monthly repayments or provide you with funds for essential spending.

A tax-free monthly payment is provided from income protection until the date you return to work.

Life Assurance with Critical Illness

In the event of death, life assurance is there to pay your mortgage off and ensure your loved ones will not be left in financial difficulty. Critical illness insurance will provide a lump sum to make your life easier in the event of being diagnosed with a life-changing health problem.

At Miles & Barr we will discuss with you the options available and then advise you on the plans best suited to meet your needs.

Family Protection

This is a monthly ongoing amount that is paid to you or your partner and can be tailored to support your family in the event of your death, being terminally or critically ill. This is to cover your monthly outgoings and maintain your family's lifestyle. Unfortunately your bills don’t stop despite the fact you are ill.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

This insurance will provide financial support in the event of damage to your property and possessions caused by a fire, flood, subsidence, theft or accidental damage.