House prices rebound in June

The latest data and analysis from Nationwide has revealed that UK house prices rose 1.1% month-on-month in June, reversing the previous three months’ falls. According to the lender, annual house price growth has risen to 3.1% and the gap in ho...continue reading

New housing gets a £2.3bn investment boost

A £2.3 billion fund which could unlock 100,000 new homes in areas of high demand has been launched by the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid. The Communities Secretary says the investment will help to fund vital physical infrastructure project...continue reading

Have you registered your tenant's deposit?

If you have not used one of the approved tenant deposit schemes, then you are not only breaking the law but also making it almost impossible to evict your tenant should things go wrong.  Miles & Barr are members of the two most popular sche...continue reading

Tenant can't pay their rent!

Many tenants who get into arrears do so because they lose their income and/or have got into severe debt. Helping them overcome these problems gives you the best chance of getting them back on track with their payments. Notice is the last thing you w...continue reading

Watch out for the warning signs! – Rent

Knowing the warning signs that your tenant may be struggling to pay rent may help you to reach an agreement before it gets too bad. We are constantly monitoring not only your tenants rent account but any issues that may arise over the term of the ten...continue reading

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