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Don't miss your chance to get free entry to Kent's attractions: including Dover, Deal & Folkestone

Applications for Kent's Big Weekend close this Friday, March 3, but you've still got time to try and bag yourself free entry to top attractions across Kent.  The 'Big Weekend' is an annual event organised by Visit Kent, their aim is to showcase...continue reading

Huge news for Margate: The re-landscaped Dreamland and seafront is just around the corner

Some fantastic news for the local area was announced yesterday by Dreamland as plans have been released to re-landscape the amusement park and seafront to 'redefine a day out at the seaside'. The increasingly impressive popularity and growth of Marg...continue reading

Five minimalist kitchens you'll love

Often seen as the most used or most valuable room in the house, the kitchen is commonly a space which becomes easily cluttered. Utensils take up valueable worktop space and close the room in. These five minimalist kitchen examples may just inspire yo...continue reading

Miles & Barr: Market Update

Despite some recent issues caused by a storm called Doris, the weather is generally improving and becoming warmer and the days are becoming longer and lighter as we move into spring. As someone might have once said, a day is a long time in weather fo...continue reading

Miles & Barr feature in the Metro paper and online

This week saw yet another write up for Miles & Barr. The London newspaper Metro's article on property saw Broadstairs as an ideal destination to buy in an area with stunning seaside homes and great proximity to London.  The prop...continue reading

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