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Miles & Barr: Top Tips for a Quick Move

There is nothing more frustrating than an extended moving process, especially when it can be avoided. While you may be thinking there are a million-and-one things to consider, we have some pretty straightforward top tips to get you moving quicker. Fi...continue reading

Market Update: October 2017

So we’ve seen the kids go back to school and we’ve had the autumn equinox, the shops are filling up with Halloween items and there are less than 80 days to Christmas!! Yes September has been and gone but what of the property market? Wel...continue reading

Half of Brits will pay a premium for a ready-to-move-into home

New research has found that 48% of Britons’ would pay a premium to be able to move in to a property immediately without having to do any renovation or replacement work. According to a study of 2,000 UK adults by, homebuyers...continue reading

Firework and Bonfire night displays in our local areas

Take a look at the firework displays in and around our local towns for Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night and see if there are any you think you’d like to attend.  Don’t forget that Guy Fawkes Night falls on Sunday the 5th of November.&...continue reading

Over 18 million Brits set to inherit a property

New research among 2,000 UK adults by bridging lender MFS has revealed the intentions of those expecting to inherit a property. The survey found that 36% of people across the country will be inheriting a property – equivalent to 18.64 mill...continue reading

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