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Investing in Dover – The past, the present & the future…

A common misconception with Dover is that it is just a gateway to Europe and a town of historic interest, which is where people go wrong. The average property price, now just under £200,000, is continuing to rise. From 2016-17 there was an 8% ...continue reading

Miles & Barr Speed Awareness Board Campaign

We’ve had an amazingly good response to our new Miles & Barr boards going up in your local area. Now that they have been in the public eye for a few weeks we felt it would be a good time for us to let you know more about the campaign&hellip...continue reading

Market Update: May 2018

There is no doubt that the current property market is challenging with endless, often conflicting reports showing prices rising, falling or remaining steady. Transactional volumes have reduced as the market comes to terms with itself in an economic ...continue reading

Top tips for efficiently heating your home in spring

With lighter evenings and warmer weather now is the time to start saving money on keeping your home a comfortable temperature. CORGI HomePlan have created some top tips on how you can make small changes around your home over spring, to maintain ...continue reading

Five ways homeowners and landlords can add value to their property

Homeowners and landlords are always on the lookout for ways that they can add value to their property. Below are five things you can do to make your property look appealing to both buyers and tenants.     ExtensionsThis comes as no surpris...continue reading

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